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Getting a quality clean for your car is simple when you choose from the variety of car wash choices that we have here at Perk’s Car Wash! If you have been looking for a great clean with wonderful results that will really make your vehicle shine, our soft cloth car wash is a great option right here in the Pendleton and Middletown, IN area.

Unlike the bristles and large brushes of older car washes, a soft cloth car wash uses something more akin to large curtains or a gentle mop. Using those soft cloths combined with pressurized water and cleansers, a soft cloth car wash sweeps gently over your vehicle. This process will thoroughly clean your vehicle without any damages, ensuring a clean, even wash that delivers a streak-free finish. With this cleaning process, it’s much easier to get a quality clean for your vehicle when you need it most.

Because we are open 24 hours a day, getting a quality clean at a time that fits your schedule is easy! We are a local car wash that wants to make everyone in our area shine, and we offer options that we hope will be convenient for our local friends and neighbors. In addition to our soft wash car wash option, we have other car wash choices, high-powered vacuums, and other cleaning supplies. With all that we offer we know that your car or truck will be able to get the care and maintenance it needs.

If you have been looking for a great car wash in the area, we would love you to try us out. Come once or sign up for our money-saving packages for a great value!


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Cleaning your vehicle on a regular basis is part of the maintenance that every car needs. Dirt and dust are highly abrasive, wearing down the protective coating on your paint and leading to problems with rust. Here at Perk’s Car Wash, we want to offer you everything that you need to get a quality clean for your vehicle when you need it most, including a touch-free car wash option. Because we are open 24 hours a day, our friends and neighbors in the Pendleton and Middletown, IN area are always able to enjoy a clean vehicle when they need it most.

Our touch-free car wash offers a wonderful cleaning option for those who are looking for a top-tier clean. A touch-free car wash is just like the name implies – nothing touches your vehicle except for pressurized water, cleaners and driers. With a touch-free car wash, there are no concerns about what dirt was left behind on the sponges or if the brushes will scratch your vehicle. Instead, the powerful pressure of the water is used to give you a great clean while quality soaps dissolve dirt and make it easy to rinse away.

Our car wash was recently renovated and updated, ensuring that all our nozzles, sprayers and pressure washers are working optimally for the best results. We know that you will love the thorough clean that our touch-free car wash offers, and we have some great packages available that can help you enjoy the clean as often as you’d like while saving money.


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When your car or truck needs a wash, there are times when it needs an all-over clean and then there are times when it needs some extra attention. With a self-serve car wash from us here at Perk’s Car Wash, our customers are able to choose the type of car wash that suits the needs of their vehicle. With everything from touch-free and soft wash options to self-serve car wash and coin-operated options, we are confident that you can find the right level of clean for your vehicle in the Pendleton and Middletown, IN area.

Our self-serve car wash options ensure that you can give your car or truck the attention that it needs at a time that is convenient for you. Because our car wash options are open 24 hours, our customers are able to get a great clean anytime they need it. Whether you are just getting home from a weekend of adventuring with your truck or have an important ride with a client after work, we can help you get a great clean for your vehicle with our self-serve car wash.

If your vehicle is looking a little dirty or definitely needs some love, then choose our self-serve car wash to help it shine once again. We would love to help you choose the right car wash option or answer any questions you might have about our self-serve car wash.

Also has self-serve vacuum service onsite.

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